Vytex: An Eco-Friendly Alternative Raw Material


Vytex®, harvested from the Hevea brasiliensis tree, has transformed ordinary latex using a patented process for the production of an ultra low antigenic protein natural rubber latex raw material. The science and applied technology behind its creation is multi-faceted and includes the use of insoluble aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3), well known for its protein binding characteristics, in a proprietary blend.

The colloidal and physical properties of this Al(OH)3 treated latex are presented and compared with standard CL60 lattices. Extensive field, laboratory and end-product manufacturer evaluations have been conducted globally leading to multiple United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) 510(k) filings for selected products. Please contact us for further details regarding the FDA and 510(k) filings.

Specific data presented here includes an assessment of total and antigenic protein concentrations at various stages of manufacturing and the attributes of products made with low antigenic protein NRL. Furthermore, the data suggests that manufacturers seeking to provide ultra low protein products can do so while minimizing the costs involved with protein removal through leach tank washing or post-dip processing.

Al(OH)3 treated latex is Proposition 65 compliant, accomplishes green initiatives and provides a healthier environment for workers and consumers. The company’s green process produces an Al(OH)3 treated natural rubber latex substantially free of proteins while retaining all the positive attributes of natural rubber latex

The full document, Vytex: An Eco-Friendly Alternative Raw Material can be found here in PDF format.