Vytex was created to help those who suffer from painful latex allergies. It all started when a nurse friend of of the Vytex cofounders came to them suffering from severe latex allergies. Vytex was created out of the need to find a latex alternative for the estimated 30 Million Americans who suffer from latex allergies. Latex allergies develop over time and exposure to latex. As more and more people are exposed to long term usage of latex products the number of those afflicted will continue to grow. Vystar realised that preventing exposure greatly reduces the greater possibility of additional people developing allergies to the proteins in latex products.

Vytex multi-patented technology removes over 99.8% of natural rubber’s harmful proteins, leaving the product virtually allergen and protein free. This process makes Vytex the most protein and allergen free natural rubber product on the market.

Vytex exceeds all the standards for low allergy natural rubber products and every batch of Vytex has to undergo testing by Guthrie Labs. This includes products that meet the ASTM D1076-10 Category 5.

While other natural rubber latex products claim to “wash away” proteins and impurities, Vytex technology more effectively removes them prior to processing let alone manufacturing without wasting precious water resources in developing regions around the globe.

While latex allergies are caused by consistent exposure to latex proteins, once the the allergy has been established small amounts of the proteins can cause a life threatening allergic reaction.

In recent years allergies have been reported coming from non-latex products including nitrile and neoprene products. While non-latex allergies are significantly less prevalent, Vytex remains the most allergenic protein free Hevea based product on the market.