Vystar Receives Indonesia Patent


Vystar Receives Indonesia Patent Notice of Allowance for Deproteinization of Vytex Natural Rubber Latex

Atlanta, GA – June 7, 2017 – Vystar Corp. (OTC Market: VYST) has received a notice of allowance from Indonesia for a patent regarding “Natural Rubber Latex Having Reduced Allergenicity and Method of Making Same.” Vystar now holds 11 international and four domestic patents related to its latex deproteinization process which results in Vytex®, a natural rubber latex (NRL) virtually free of allergen-causing latex proteins, thereby reducing risk of developing or experiencing allergic reactions from direct contact.

“This notice of allowance provides important intellectual property (IP) protection for Vystar as we actively work with latex producers and manufacturers in Indonesia and seek to develop relationships with additional ones, particularly medical glove manufacturers to meet the growing demand for low protein, non-powdered, medical gloves,” stated William Doyle, CEO of Vystar.

Vystar now has IP protection in Indonesia, Malaysia and India, which are three of the world’s top five producers of natural rubber, with Malaysia ranking first in latex glove production. The latex industry is estimated at approximately US$1.3 billion.

Latex allergies and powdered gloves have become a major concern in the healthcare industry, with some facilities banning latex gloves and the US recently banning powdered gloves. However, surgeons and medical professionals prefer latex over synthetic latex, vinyl and other materials due to its superior tactile sensitivity, puncture resistance, strength, durability and flexibility. This presents a tremendous market opportunity for Vytex medical gloves as they are virtually free of allergy-causing proteins while providing all the benefits of latex that healthcare workers want, and they don’t need powder to ease glove donning and removal.

Additionally, Vytex is sustainably sourced and completely biodegradable, in sharp contrast to petrochemical based synthetic latex or petrochemical based disposable gloves. Plus, those who need to wear disposable gloves appreciate that Vytex is virtually odor-free, without the strong odor of traditional latex. The Vytex deproteinization process also removes the source of the latex odor, making Vytex more eco friendly than its competitors as there is no need for the excessive water rinses to remove odor during the manufacturing process or the need for artificial fragrance to mask the odor.

Competitively priced against traditional latex, Vytex is a superior material for more than 40,000 applications that typically use latex or petrochemical based materials. Vytex can be used in medical gloves, catheters and devices; condoms; mattresses, toppers and pillows; cushions; balloons; adhesives; sports equipment, footwear; padding, apparel and threads.

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