Vystar Receives 3 Patent Notices of Allowance


Vystar Receives 3 Patent Notices of Allowance for Vytex Latex Deproteinization

Atlanta, GA – April 20, 2017 – Vystar Corp. (OTC Market: VYST) has received notice of allowance for three international patents regarding “Natural Rubber Latex Having Reduced Allergenicity and Method of Making Same” from:
1. Malaysia – (2010003317)
2. Guatemala (2010-000208) and
3. India -(2487/KOLNP/2010)

The addition of these three international patents brings the total to 14 global patents, with 10 being international and four domestic. This further expands Vystar’s patent portfolio related to its latex deproteinization process used in Vytex® natural rubber latex (NRL) which removes virtually all allergy-causing proteins from NRL, thus reducing risk of developing or experiencing allergic reactions from direct contact with latex.

“These international notices of allowance provide intellectual property (IP) protection in two of the top six latex-producing countries in the world — primary locations where we do business and are actively seeking additional manufacturing and/or processing partners for our ultra low protein Vytex raw material,” stated William Doyle, CEO of Vystar. “The claims the international patent offices are allowing will serve to further strengthen our IP around Vystar’s breakthrough deproteinization process and protect our shareholders’ investments. Also, of the top eight consumers of latex globally, Vystar now has patents in six of those countries/unions, plus applications pending in several more.”

Vystar has multiple layers of IP protection for Vytex® ultra low protein latex that extend beyond patents. Vystar controls the manufacture of the proprietary deproteinization kit that is sold to licensed Vytex producers. Producers add the kit to field latex and use standard latex manufacturing equipment with slight modifications. Vystar tests every batch of Vytex to certify that it meets the high standards of Vytex brand latex.

Removing the proteins and other non-rubbers results in the purest, cleanest, and odor-free latex that is more resilient and stronger than competitors’ lattices, offers greater tactile sensitivity and puncture/tear resistance, creates a brighter, whiter foam and offers improved clarity and color for colored latex products such as balloons.

Competitively priced against traditional latex, Vytex is a superior material for more than 40,000 applications that typically use latex or petrochemical based materials. Vytex can be used in medical gloves, catheters and devices; condoms; mattresses, toppers and pillows; cushions; balloons; adhesives; sports equipment, footwear; padding, apparel and threads.

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