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New Vytex Latex Product Lines & Applications, R&D, Marketing

ATLANTA, Aug. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vystar Corp. (OTC Market:VYST) is providing an update on the Company’s R&D and expanding product lines and applications for Vytex® deproteinized natural rubber latex, which position it for rapid growth in the coming year and beyond.

“Vystar has made significant progress in its product lines and new business pipeline in the past year and we expect to build the momentum through sales and marketing as many of these projects and products come to fruition,” stated William Doyle, Vystar CEO. “Our business partners are using Vytex to create a wide range of new products that offer superior quality and benefits. Our R&D department, headed by Dr. Ranjit Matthan, has received extremely positive responses to some of the new formulations currently being developed and we are eager to take these projects to the next level.”

Market Focus
Vystar is focusing its resources in specific market segments as well as exploring additional segments that offer significant opportunities for Vystar’s Vytex. Key applications currently underway include:

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Di-electric Gloves
  • Apparel
  • Foams with applications in the furniture, bedding, and sports equipment industries
  • Adhesives
  • Balloons
  • Condoms

Vystar offers numerous Vytex foam product lines that are now available or are nearing completion including mattresses featuring Vytex produced by Blue Bell/King Koil, Spring Air, Gold Bond, Jeffco, Natura, and more. Vystar shared plans to expand its distribution network for Vytex mattresses to serve more U.S. retailers and online retail partners, with separate lines being developed for direct-to-consumer online sales.

Natura, one of the newest brand lines under development that will be manufactured at Blue Bell Mattress, is developing the “Natura Latex Collection with Vytex,” which features four combinations of a Vytex latex core surrounded by certified organic cotton covers and pure Joma Wool™ quilting. The Natura Latex Collection with Vytex creates an all natural sleep environment and high end aesthetic that results in a healthier, deeper, refreshing sleep experience while being more environmentally friendly than other mattresses.

Vystar, through its distribution partner NHS, it is planning to enter the high end luxury mattress market through a partnership with a manufacturer known for meticulous hand crafted mattresses featuring the finest fabrics and materials.

Marketing Vytex’s Advantages
Vystar is ramping up its sales and business development efforts, including revamping and expanding its online presence and organic lead generation activities; and increasing industry networking and outreach. Efforts are already increasing incoming qualified leads.

Based on industry analysis and feedback from manufacturers, Vystar is repositioning Vytex to leverage a broad range of differentiating product attributes that result from its patent protected deproteinization process. Removing the proteins and reducing the non-rubber particles yields a cleaner, stronger, more consistent, more tightly bonded, resilient and durable latex that far outperforms other latices while saving time and money in the manufacturing process. Vytex doesn’t clog sprayers, reducing manufacturing downtime; has reduced odor and ammonia to offer a safer work environment and a more aesthetically pleasing final product. Additionally, it has reduced permeability by both gases and liquids which make it superior for applications such as condoms, gloves and balloons, and it has lower electrical conductivity for certain applications.

Vystar will be featured in a “New to the Street” video segment that takes you on location to manufacturers and retailers of Vytex products. The segment is expected to air in September at a date to be announced. For a preview of the segment, visit http://newtothestreet.com/ and click on the screen that says “Vystar on Location.”

Dr. Ranjit Matthan, member of the Vystar Board of Directors and director of Vystar R&D, is leading aggressive efforts to develop new Vytex formulations for additional applications and to improve safety in the manufacturing environment. Vystar’s unique non-enzymatic (NE) protein removal process coupled with a new pretreatment process that Dr. Matthan’s team developed eliminates the opportunity for most cancer-causing nitrosamines to form and an additional treatment prevents nitrosatables from converting to nitrosamines throughout the product lifespan. This results in nitrosamine levels far lower than other latices, making it ideal for European applications where nitrosamines are strictly regulated.

Additionally, the R&D team has been doing exciting preliminary work on the development of Vytex non-enzymatic deproteinized solid natural rubber (DPNR-NE) for engineering and medical grade applications. This has the potential for greatly expanding Vytex’s market space as engineering grade rubbers are used in a wide range of industrial applications including anti-vibration mounting, earthquake isolation, etc., while an ultra-pure grade would have potential use for body contact applications, such as specialized medical use and apparel. Testing on the new formulations is expected to be complete in fourth quarter 2017.

Dr. Matthan’s team has continued to develop advances in ultra low protein Vytex formulations for films and sheets that offer greater tensile strength, resistance to leakage, elongation, and anti static attributes with no odor. Furthermore, The R&D department has combined Vytex with single wall carbon nanotubes that yield balloons, ultra thin condoms and other dipped products with improved air retention, color clarity and translucence, and reduced permeability of gases, liquids and microbes.

“At Vystar, we are continuing to explore how we can improve latex and natural rubbers for a wide variety of applications while making them safer for consumers, industry and the environment,” states Dr. Matthan. “We have already made great strides and are eager to see the results of our continuing R&D efforts and the impact as Vytex expands in the marketplace.”

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