Institutional Analyst Inc. Initiates Coverage on Vytex


Institutional Analyst Inc. Initiates Coverage on Vystar’s Vytex Better Cleaner Latex

Atlanta – March 22, 2017 – Institutional Analyst Inc. has initiated coverage of Vystar Corp., (OTC PINK: VYST), with a report in “Biotech Stock Review” detailing the market opportunity for Vystar as the exclusive creator and licensor of breakthrough patented processes that remove virtually all proteins and non-rubbers that cause latex allergies and odor from latex to create Vytex ® natural rubber latex (NRL) that can be used in over 40,000 products. The report is available on and

“The coverage initiated by the Biotech Stock Review comes at an excellent time for potential investors as we now have a network of highly capable suppliers on a global basis to produce Vytex natural rubber latex,” stated CEO William Doyle. “It has been a long journey to perfect our breakthrough patented processes that remove virtually all proteins and non-rubbers that cause latex allergies from latex to create Vytex®, which is a technically superior, sustainable, biodegradable, more durable and more ecofriendly product than traditional latex and petrochemical-based materials. We are fortunate to have enlisted Institutional Analyst Inc. to provide ongoing coverage via “Biotech Stock Review” as we roll Vytex out to our three initial target markets: foam for the home furnishings market, adhesives for the apparel market and latex gloves for the medical market.”

Roland Rick Perry, Editor of Biotech Stock Review, stated, “Now that the process has been perfected, Vystar has a viable ‘Intel Inside’ business model whereby established producers of natural latex can create and sell cleaner, better latex which, most importantly, can be done with their existing processing equipment with minor modifications and processing costs associated with the Vytex deproteinization kit and licensing. With approximately 1.2 million metric tons of natural rubber latex purchased every year, Vystar is in the enviable position of garnering a small fee on each pound produced without the need to build plants and factories and the capital required to build them. They can instead work with established producers who can now offer their end purchasers a better latex and simultaneously expand natural latex into markets which, until now, were hampered due to allergy concerns – the best example being medical gloves.”

In a November 2016 report by Allied Market Research titled, “Global Disposable Gloves Market” based on key trends tracked, it is anticipated that the market is likely to be valued at $17.2 billion by 2022, registering a CAGR of 12.6% from 2016 to 2022. The report states “The natural rubber gloves segment accounted for around three-fifths revenue share, in 2015 and is expected to maintain its dominance during the forecast period.”

Vytex natural latex gloves allow surgeons and healthcare professionals to enjoy the superior tactile sensitivity and strength of latex gloves virtually without risk of developing or experiencing allergic reactions.  Vystar management believes that by reducing the risk of latex allergies, Vytex gloves may displace the weaker, less tactilely sensitive and less durable polyethylene, vinyl and nitrile gloves that many institutions transitioned to as a result of latex allergy concerns.

Vytex was recently featured on ION TV’s “New to the Street.” Click here to watch it.

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