Balancing Material Acquisition and Production Costs


The true cost of manufacturing is measured as the sum of the total costs throughout the production cycle. Sometimes more can be less. Water and energy stress caused by the growing global population is expected to reach historic proportions, driving supply down and costs up, and directly affecting business operations according to a recent United Nations report.

Vytex® addresses both of these burgeoning global environmental and manufacturing concerns. With its green beginnings, Vytex is biodegradable and renewable unlike the petroleum-based synthetics in use today that can challenge acquisition, use, and disposal operations. Vystar® Corporation has developed a multi-patented technology using green chemistry to remove proteins and other non-rubber impurities from natural rubber latex, creating Vytex (modified NRL). With its significantly reduced antigenic protein content, upgrading to modified NRL can eliminate the need for added processing steps to lower protein levels, saving energy, water, supply, and material handling costs while enhancing quality of the end product.

Results from field evaluations suggest that this new source material offers some improved performance characteristics believed to be due to the non-rubber impurity removal process. These benefits include color, stability, gel time, and air retention, which will be discussed in detail in this paper.

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