An Innovative Source Material for Natural Rubber Products


Vytex is a new product designed to offer a standardized source material for the production of natural rubber products using chemically modified NRL to significantly reduce its antigenic protein content. Vytex is commercially available and has significantly reduced in antigenic proteins and can be used in a wide array of commercial applications.

The multi patent protected method of protein removal is achieved by the introduction of aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3) to Hevea brasiliensis natural rubber latex. Well known for its protein binding characteristic, treatment with Al(OH)3 results in Vytex, a low antigenic protein product considered desirable for manufacture of items containing NRL. Vytex is easily integrated into existing manufacturing environments and processes without an additional capital equipment investment. It retains and improves upon the chemical and physical properties and provides excellent performance characteristics when compared to untreated NRL or synthetic products.

Vytex is only slightly more expensive than traditional untreated NRL sources as a raw material and is competitive with, and often less expensive than, many “natural latex-free” or synthetic alternative materials and can reduce manufacturing costs for items containing NRL. Vytex, like Hevea natural rubber latex, is naturally “green”, a renewable resource with no known human carcinogens in its natural state, unlike several of today’s synthetic alternatives.

The full document can be found here in PDF version.