Vytex is a game changer for the furniture industry

Vytex products are more durable than conventional latex and polyurethane products that are labeled as using natural latex. Most latex foams are actually synthetic even products simply labeled “natural latex” are usually a blend of synthetic and natural latex.

Comfort and Durability Without Compromise

No more off gasing beds, that is right, Vytex is virtually odor free. The patened process that removes allergy causing proteins also eliminates the need to add fillers and preservatives that cause nasty smelling odors.




Why a Vytex Mattress?

Vytex supports the body and is a structural material and helps disperse pressure without a person sinking into a bed or cushion. When sleeping a person must move periodically to minimize pressure being placed on one spot for a long period of time. Memory foam can be difficult to move in resulting in a person remaining in one position for an extended period of time. This combined with memory foam not being breathable makes it hot. The combination of heat and pressure on one location for a long period is not good for the health of the skin.

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