Vytex Director Dr. R.K. Matthan Announces Innovations in Dry Latex, Tires & Sustainability at the International Latex Conference

  • Tire enhancements for improved vehicle fuel efficiency (rolling resistance) and safety (wet grip/winter tires)
  • New Vytex® DPNR food and medical grades with allergenic protein levels below detection limits
  • Multiple grades of Vytex raw material multi-sourced from Corrie MacColl at highest levels of sustainability (FSC, TMTD & Nitrosamine Free DPNR)
  • ISO standards being drafted for deproteinized natural rubber solids and latex

WORCESTER, MA, July 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vystar Corp. (OTCQB: VYST) Director, Ranjit K. Matthan, PhD, announced key developments in Vytex® Deproteinized Natural Rubber (DPNR) for automotive tires, food and medical grade products and improvements in sustainability during his opening plenary International Latex Conference (ILC). Corrie MacColl Latex Director John Heath joined Dr. Matthan to discuss major progress on sustainability initiatives in natural rubber latex production. The session, titled “Innovations and Sustainability in Natural Rubber Latex – The New Paradigm,” is available on demand for conference registrants at the ILC website. Co-Authors of the presentation are William Doyle – Vytex Product Development Consultant for Vystar Corp., and Joseph John – Director, Polymer Consultancy Services Ltd.

The Vytex process on natural rubber liquid produces a purer, higher hydrocarbon content with a lower non-rubber solids (NRS) base material. A key advantage is that Vytex can be modified further without interference from the NRS.

Tire Enhancements – Research conducted in partnership with the Indian Rubber Manufacturers Research Association (IRMRA) and automotive tire companies has resumed after the pandemic shutdown and has shown that Vytex DPNR offers improved low rolling resistance (LRR) and better wet grip. Additionally, initial tests blending natural rubber with newer silica tire formulations are showing potential for improved vehicle fuel efficiency. Further trials are underway.

Food and Medical Grade Vytex Formulations – Vytex DPNR formulations have proven to be below the standard levels of detection for various allergenic proteins found in raw latex. This would qualify Vytex DPNR as safe for use for a wide variety of food packaging and medical grade applications – beyond condoms and surgical gloves for which it was previously approved. Tests in IRMRA laboratories showed zero ammonia and formic acid, and only residual natural phosphates present in the final product.

Bioelastoplastic Materials – Vystar is focusing a portion of its R&D on these five core grades, which are on a Vytex deproteinized base:

  1. Bioelastoplastic material through deliberate modification to viscoelastic behavior
  2. Naturally occurring modifications
  3. Epoxidized rubber
  4. Hydrogenated rubber
  5. Grafted rubber

PVC packaging film, which replaced NR Pliofilm, is not biodegradable, and is carcinogenic due to the vinyl chloride (VC) monomer. Vystar has progressed in developing DPNR hydrochlorinated pliofilms as a sustainable alternative to PVC films. Vystar is also examining the viability of certain types of ThermoPlastic Natural Rubbers (TP-DPNR/TP-DPENR) as a sustainable biodegradable alternative for thermoplastic blocks commonly used for LEGO® and other plastic construction toys.

Dr. Matthan’s team has been evaluating alterations to the viscoelastic response of the linear macro molecular and 3-D crosslinked networks of DPNR or solid rubber for biomedical and other applications. With hydrogen generation technologies gaining momentum globally, there is growing industry interest in Vystar’s “insitu” latex medium hydrogenation to mimic EPDM and grafting work (methyl, vinyl and caprolactam monomers). As a result, Vystar plans to make bulk quantities available for customer trials in late 2021.

Sustainable Production of Vytex

Currently three Corrie MacColl plantations sustainably offer the following from the Vytex latex platform, all based on a 100% natural and entirely biogenic rubber polymer, and increasingly with a fully traceable Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified supply chain:

  • Liquid latex concentrate with Ultra Low Protein content, reduced NRS, safe and compliant preservation systems (Tetramethyl Thiuram Disulfide (TMTD) and nitrosamine free) –with ammonia free, grafted and pre-vulcanized options.
  • Dry rubber specialty grades which are DPNR based and compatible with silica to compete with solution styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) in low rolling resistance/high wet grip tire formulations — a natural equivalent to ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM),
  • A range of other grades with different bio elastoplastic properties.

Corrie MacColl’s industry leading sustainability practices include:

  • SNR Supply Chain Policy and standards were developed under the guidance of the Rainforest Alliance and Pro forest NGO. CMC provides transparent reporting on progress toward sustainability;
  • CMC is committed to zero deforestation in all direct operations;
  • Outgrower Programme trains 13,000 local farmers in the best sustainable cultivation practices for rubber and their own food production; and
  • CMC is working toward achieving FSC Forest Management Certification in early 2022 and carbon neutral certification in the future.

ISO standards being developed

Currently, the International Standards Organization (ISO) is drafting technical specification guidelines for DPNR solid and latex produced by the multi-nationally patented Vytex enzymatic and non-enzymatic processes with low, medium and high viscosity grades for each process. Once ISO standards for DPNR are established, Vystar anticipates easier global adoption of Vytex by manufacturers.

Mr. Doyle stated, “Vystar’s partnerships with Corrie MacColl and IRMRA have opened the doors to tremendous opportunities enabling reliable production of raw natural rubber from Corrie MacColl’s responsibly managed forests, plus rapid R&D advances with IRMRA and valuable connections with additional partners and potential customers. The future has never looked brighter for Vytex.”

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